Imagination is Everywhere 

Take a CLOSER look at the image. It represents an architectural model (look for the tiny people ) of everyday things as buildings/structures. Another superb entry at the show Beauty-Cooper Hewitt Museum Design Triennial. This excerp is from SCALE MODELS, ARCHITECTURE IS EVERYWHERE, 2015. Designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects the series consists of numerous materials –… Continue reading Imagination is Everywhere 

Glass Series

These gracefully haunting and beautiful pieces are from Neri Oxman, an architect and designer with a PhD from MIT. She founded the design and research group Mediated Matter to explore how digital design and production techniques enhances the relationship between natural environments and the ones we build. The pieces are currently on exhibit in Beauty-Cooper… Continue reading Glass Series

The Yellows Have It

This Spring designers seem to be in love with yellow–especially when used as an accent.  Whether in fashion (clothing and accessories) or in home furnishings, a little touch of yellow will go a long way this season.  Featured image from Stella McCartney’s best selling Transparent Checks Collection.