In Daylight Or Cool Light

Dan Flavin – in daylight or cool light exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery, NY.

Dan Flavin once noted: “In time, I came to these conclusions about what I had found with fluorescent light, and about what might be accomplished plastically: now the entire interior spatial container and its components—wall, floor and ceiling—could support a strip of light but would not restrict its act of light except to enfold it. Regard the light and you are fascinated—practically inhibited from grasping its limits at each end. While the tube itself has an actual length of eight feet, its shadow, cast from the supporting pan, has but illusively dissolving ends. This waning cannot really be measured without resisting consummate visual effects.” —From a transcript of a lecture the artist presented at the Brooklyn Museum Art School, December 1964

Pieces made with cool and or daylight fluorescent lights.

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