When You Need Some Design Inspiration

The latest installment of Premiére Vision New York Fall/Winter 17-18 was a must for fashion design inspiration. Vendors were mostly from Europe and presented insights to the possible fabric and color trends for the next season. Also in attendance were vendors that offer apparel manufacturing capabilities for a variety of garments.  Featured image: Potencier Broderies,… Continue reading When You Need Some Design Inspiration

Fashion’s Great Loss Remembered

Particularly in the 70’s and 80’s if you asked about fashion illustration you would receive a one word answer: ‘Antonio’. Antonio Lopez and collaborator/partner Juan Ramos worked under the name Antonio, with Lopez doing the illustrations and Ramos the research. The pieces that they both worked on set the tone during that time of what… Continue reading Fashion’s Great Loss Remembered

If You Have To Wear Shoes….Aquazzura 

Let’s start off today on the right foot with fabulous shoes from Aquazzura. Colombian born designer Edgardo Osorio combines glamour, passion for modern design and luxury craftsmanship into marvelous footwear. His use of color, detail and style has made his shoes a must have for many women. Images are from his Madison Avenue store in… Continue reading If You Have To Wear Shoes….Aquazzura 


Oculus – World Trade Center Transportation Hub, New York. It is approximately 800,000 square feet, designed by internationally acclaimed architect Santiago Calatrava, will be the third largest transportation center in New York City, rivaling Grand Central Station in size. Still under construction, it should be finished sometime this year.  It is located across from the… Continue reading Oculus

Why Bother Beautifying Your Home?

Because the great pieces at Arhaus makes it almost impossible not to.  Arhaus designs their own products to offer unique, high quality, well designed indoor and outdoor home furnishings.  They also showcase pieces from recycled natural resources as: recycled copper into tabletops, harvest tree roots transformed into chairs and give new life to forgotten antiques.… Continue reading Why Bother Beautifying Your Home?