Artist Pedro Reyes 

Pedro Reyes first solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery, New York showcases a diverse collection by the Mexican born artist.  Sculptures are made from volcanic stone, marble and concrete surrounded by over 150 works on paper. Reyes choose the volcanic stone due to its major role in shaping Mexico’s landscape and Mexican’s use of it for… Continue reading Artist Pedro Reyes 

I Laughed So Much I….

Take a peak inside the mind of Roz Chast at The Museum of the City of New York – Roz Chast: Cartoon Memoirs, she is a major contributor to the New Yorker magazine from 1978 until today. Just as a photograph can say volumes in a single image so does Chast’s drawings and captions…her interpretations of everyday life… Continue reading I Laughed So Much I….

Fashion’s Great Loss Remembered

Particularly in the 70’s and 80’s if you asked about fashion illustration you would receive a one word answer: ‘Antonio’. Antonio Lopez and collaborator/partner Juan Ramos worked under the name Antonio, with Lopez doing the illustrations and Ramos the research. The pieces that they both worked on set the tone during that time of what… Continue reading Fashion’s Great Loss Remembered