Brooklyn Designs

Brooklyn Designs 2018 at the Brooklyn Museum, featuring well-crafted beautiful designs and contemporary pieces all made in Brooklyn. Exhibition May 12 & 13 at the museum.

Token NYC wood inlaid cabinet; Francis Assadi Design Studio ‘Platonic Chair’

Mebl/Transforming Furniture reclaimed wood pieces: Palo Samko ‘Hodiny Clock’; Ethan Abramson Furniture ‘Lost Wood Chair’

Ottra by Zimmerman Workshop wooden stools; Lesh handwoven jewelry; Pratt Institute – Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Master of Science in Architecture, 2018

Lights Up lighting; Hannah Fink metal chairs

Minimax Decor convertible table; Five | Six Textiles pillows

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  1. Hi Avril, thank you for featuring the PLATONIC Lounge Chair as one of the designs that caught your attention at the Brooklyn Designs show this year. Francis Assadi (Design Studio)

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