Glass Series

These gracefully haunting and beautiful pieces are from Neri Oxman, an architect and designer with a PhD from MIT. She founded the design and research group Mediated Matter to explore how digital design and production techniques enhances the relationship between natural environments and the ones we build. The pieces are currently on exhibit in Beauty-Cooper Hewitt Museum Triennial – GLASS series, 2015.

They are 3D printed glass lit with LED lights that shows how light travels up the surface of each vessel. Built from tubes of molten glass, layers yield optically transparent structures. The tubular forms have the potential to contain and transmit media which has enormous potential for products as well as architectural components and building facades.

Great inspiration for design in other disciplines–especially fashion! Would love to see pieces inspired by the patterns of the glass and the graceful shapes made from the lighting.

If you’re in town check out the exhibit at the museum:

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