Light/Source exhibition is comprised of works from nine artists from the last decade inspired by the use of light in contemporary art. “It suggests that the potential of light within art remains as boundless today as when Marcel Duchamp exalted the shadow in the early twentieth century”.  Lee Bul’s piece Untiled, 2014, also part of this exhibition was featured in yesterday’s post. 

Featured image: Felix Gonzalez-Torres “Untitled” (Water), 1995. Strands of beads and hanging device. 

Jorge Pardo Untitled, 2014. Acrylic, wire, fluorescent lights, weights.
Sanford Biggers Cumulus II, 2013; Cumulus IV, 2015. Black vinyl, white Plexiglas, LEDs.
Nick Cave Untitled, 2015. Mixed media including cast-iron figure, ceramic birds, strung beads and metal flowers.
Tracey Emin Your Lips Moved Across My Face, 2015. Neon.
Olafur Eliasson Shadow Projection Lamp, 2004. Glass/mirror disc, halogen lamp, transformer, metal, tripod, cable, light.
Leo Villareal Buckyball, 2015. LEDs, custom software, electrical hardware, base.
Mary Corse Untitled (White, Black, Yellow), 2013. Glass microsphere in acrylic on canvas.

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