Can This Fit In Your Living Room?

Korean artist Lee Bul – Untitled, 2014. Crystal, glass and acrylic beads, mirrors, stainless-steel, aluminum, black and nickel rods, steel and bronze chains, stain-less steel and aluminum armature. Light/Source exhibition at PHILLIPS Auction House, New York. 

Inspired by the twentieth century expressionist theorist and architect Bruno Taut, who talks about re-directing the resources of war “toward dazzling cities made of crystal and glass…” that would “even extend to the stars”. Her sculpture embodies this dream-like and precarious view of the world. 

Decided to show this piece separate from the rest of the group (which will be posted tomorrow) as there is a lot to absorb….each vantage point gives the piece a different look especially with the use of different materials. Great conversation piece and fabulous artwork that needs an equally fabulous place to call home. 

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