Pretty / Dirty

Marilyn Minter – Pretty / Dirty exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in New York is a resounding must see. For over forty years Minter has been a controversial figure in her relationship to art, feminism fashion and celebrity. Some of her pieces are a bit too risqué to include in this post, but the brilliant use of color, perspective, composition, ‘realness’ and imagination in her art is undeniable. 

Featured image:  Glazed, 2006. Enamel on metal. 

Orange Crush, 2009. Enamel on metal.
Drizzle (Wangechi Mutu), 2010. Enamel on metal.
In-N-Out, 2014. Enamel on metal
Redhead, 2015. Enamel on metal
Blue Poles, 2007. Enamel on metal.
100 Food Porn, 1989-90. Enamel on metal. Numbered works: #72, #7, #68, #65, #35, #17, #58, #63, #69, #81, #32, #9.
Meltdown, 2011. Enamel on metal.
Armpit, 2006. Chromogenic print.
Spill, 1977. Oil on canvas.

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