Parker Curry was mesmerized when looking at the portrait of Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery by Amy Sherald. Later, along with her family, Parker was able to meet the former First Lady. The image of Parker looking at the painting brought to mind what Mrs. Obama said during the portrait’s unveiling “…when I think about all of the young people who will visit the National Portrait Gallery and see this, including so many young girls of color who don’t often see their images displayed in beautiful iconic ways. I am so proud to help make that kind of history.” During their meeting Mrs. Obama noted she hopes to look up at a portrait of Parker one day. In a CBS This Morning interview with Parker and her mother the reporter Chip Reid asked who she would rather be First Lady or President? Without skipping a beat Parker said President.


Note images are from Michelle Obama’s Instagram account except for one with Parker looking at portrait, wasn’t able to find photographer to credit.

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