Meike Lohmann

Meike Lohmann’s works from the 33rd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition at Agora Gallery, NY.

“Time and localization form the central aspect of Meike Lohmann’s work. Her paintings aspire to establish a link between a landscape’s reality and its image as pictured in the mind of the viewer. In Farm, the use of embroidery coupled with acrylic gives the image a tactile quality. In this way, the earthen presence of a specific site, and the emotional attitudes associated with a farm, are realized physically, not merely visually. What confronts viewers is less a depiction of a particular thing, and more a complex experience alluding to a specific perceptual event.”

Shelter, acrylic and embroidery on canvas

O.T., acrylic and embroidery on linen

Sunset, acrylic and embroidery on canvas

Farm, acrylic and embroidery on linen

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