People Come First

Alice Neel: People Come First, a retrospective of approximately one hundred paintings, drawings, and watercolors at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the first of its kind from a New York Museum. Neel is one of the century’s most radical painters, a champion of social justice with a longstanding commitment to humanist principles inspired her life as well as her art.

Feature image: Alice Childress, 1950 oil on canvas

Hartley, 1966 oil on canvas
View From The Artist’s Window, 1978 oil on Masonite
Black Draftee (James Hunter), 1965 oil on canvas
Light, 1980 oil on canvas
Richard, 1963 oil on canvas
Mother and Child, Havana, 1926, oil on canvas
Richard in the Era of the Corporation, 1978-79, oil on canvas
Geoffrey Hendricks and Brian, 1978 oil on canvas
Richard Gibbs, 1968 oil on canvas
Benny and Mary Ellen Andrews, 1972 oil on canvas
Still Life, Rose of Sharon, 1973 oil on canvas
Marxist Girl (Irene Peslikis), 1972 oil on canvas
Ginny in Striped Shirt, 1969 oil on canvas

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