China Now:  New Literati Art

Beijing art gallery INK Studio in conjunction with ART100 New York is presenting its inaugural group exhibition in North America – China Now: New Literati Art. The exhibit feature new works from some of the most influential Chinese artists working in ink medium: Bingyi, Li Huasheng, Li Jin, Yang Jiechang and Zheng Chongbin.  They see… Continue reading China Now:  New Literati Art

Rock In A Chinese Garden

The Astor Chinese Garden Court, Ming dynasty. Medium:Taihu rocks, granite terrace, ceramic tile flooring, roof tiles, and door frames, various woods (nan wood columns, pine beams, gingko latticework), brass fittings. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.  The Chinese word for landscape shanshui literally means “mountains and water” which are both necessary components of these gardens… Continue reading Rock In A Chinese Garden