L’Eleganza del Cibo

L’Eleganza del Cibo exhibition at Chelsea Market features an ensemble of 58 haute couture and prêt-à-porter dresses created by both iconic and emerging designers from 1950-2016. The exhibit explores the connection between Fashion and Food, eco-sustainability and energy while celebrating the creativity of Made In Italy.

Featured image: Moschino – Neapolitan, 1991. White poplin printed shirt featuring Naples and the phrase ‘In Pizza We Trust’.

Italo Marseglia – Air Clouds, 2014. 10 dresses created with over 500 yards of tulle.

Nicola Zecca – Grapes, 1949 silk twill dress with hand embroidered velvet grapes.

Christian Dior by Irene Galitzine -Berry and Flower, 1953 ivory silk organza wirh hand-embroidered flowers and fruit.  Tiziano Guardini – Terra (Earth), 2014 sculptural dress made with flowers.
Gattinoni -Bread Dress, 2015 bustier sculpted with wheat sheaves, jute pants embroidered with glazed crackers and biscuits.
Kukso Koo – Lunch Is Ready, 2015 embroidered and hand painted linen dress with pasta and peppers. Alessandro Consiglio -Apples and Cherries, 2002 cocktail dress with vacuum sealed apples and candied cherries.   Alessandro Consiglio – Pop Corn, 2002 wedding dress decorated with vacuum sealed popcorns.



Maria Maiani Academy – Salad, 2016 taffeta dress with felt and paper embellishments.  Raniero Gattinoni – Vegetables, 1989 one-shoulder dress in various shades of draped green chiffon.

Carta E Costura – Cabbage, 2015 French coat, cabbage leaf motif printed on green background.

Giorgio Armani – Bamboo, 2015 multi-layered dress in silk jacquard with bamboo embroidery. Romeo Gigli – Crystals, 1999 pure silk dress with paper embellishments.

(First two dresses & last) Enrico Coveri – Ice Cream, 2013 silk tricot knit dresses with sequin embellishments.  Odile Orsi and Fabrizio Talia – Fruit Salad, 2015 hand painted silk crepe and embroidered organza dress.

Raffaella Curiel – Tribute To Caravaggio, 2015 printed taffeta dress. A-Lab Milano – Salad, 2015 duchesse cocktail dress in printed fabric and silk gauze with neoprene details.

Valentino -Walnuts, 1968 walnut print fabric.  Irene Galitzine – Coral, 1965 embroidered palazzo pajama.

Tita Rossi -Market, 1959 jute corset and printed cotton dress with raffia embroideries.  Clara Centinaro -Watermelon Slices, 1950 hand-painted dress.


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