Know That You Were Loved By Many

Taking time today to celebrate the life of Christine Tucker who lived a full life just shy of her 101st birthday. She had an open heart and was always willing to help anyone in need, even if it was at her expense. She had 9 children, helped to raise her stepdaughter and was a widow for the majority of her life through many hard times and good ones. She never said an unkind word about anyone even to those who deserved it, treating others the way she wanted to be treated….something truly rare. She also had a sharp wit which she would occasionally unleash well into her 90’s to the unfortunate person who underestimated the mental acuity. It today’s vernacular “she could throw plenty of shade”, but always in fun with the recipient laughing loudest. She was a devout Christian who found her joy and strength in religion. It’s a lesson to all of us to find something, whatever that is, which keeps you going through hard times and makes your smile greater during the good ones. She was an extraordinary woman who made the best of her life out of whatever came her way, good or bad and was thankful for all of it. If that isn’t true style, nothing is. RIP.



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