Today is the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday in the USA. With all the problems happening around the world and the craziness in the US, Dr. King’s presence and words are missed even more. We need to find a way to truly respect our differences and live with other. “Darkness cannot drive out… Continue reading MLK Day

Veranda Memories 

Found this image of my grandmother’s veranda while scrolling through my picture file. Lots of fond memories growing up there at the beginning of my childhood. It was THE family meeting place with an extensive parade of family friends/acquaintances passing through. A small house made larger by its very long history and countless life stories/events… Continue reading Veranda Memories 

Love Changes Everything 

For all those who served with honor in our armed forces, thank you for your service. Let’s hope in the future this is the only way bullets are used. Rubem Robierb – Love Changes Everything, 2015. Aluminum engraved and dipped in chrome with 10,000 hand applied Swarovski Crystals. Taglialatella Galleries, New York.