The Salon Art + Design Show

Great show at The Salon Art + Design Show in New York. Here are a few highlights.

Featured image (Left to Right): Eileen Fisher; Adrian Sassoon; Glass Art; Cristina Grajales Gallery

Galerie BSL; Twenty First Gallery, Southern Guild; J. Lohmann Gallery

Alexander Calder (Sun and Moon, 1975) at Galerie de la Béraudière; Joan Miró (Gouache-Dessin, 1934) – André Masson (La Dame au Coeur Fertile, 1969) – Frank Kline (Untitled, 1954) at David Lévy & Assocíes

Galerie Kreo; Nilufar Gallery; Galerie Maria Wettergren;

Cristina Grajales Gallery; Galerie Negropontes; Todd Merrill Studio; Dansk Møbelkunst

Galerie Kreo

Garrido Gallery

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