That Day

That Day: Laura Wilson – Pictures in the American West, Phillips Auction New York. These breathtaking photographs highlighting the American West is a traveling exhibition that chronicles the three-decades-long work of extraordinary artist Laura Wilson. This exploration of the United States shows Wilson’s masterful view of the Great Plains and the Western landscape. The images… Continue reading That Day

Your Shape

Your Shape photo exhibit by Italian photographer Roberto Chierici along with Erika Arosio in New York’s Atlantic Gallery. The exhibit shows the unique styling of the Italian beard that became a dynamic trend. The beautiful and at times witty images present yet another reason to love Italian style and design. Images were styled by Robert Briscolini… Continue reading Your Shape

Pretty / Dirty

Marilyn Minter – Pretty / Dirty exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in New York is a resounding must see. For over forty years Minter has been a controversial figure in her relationship to art, feminism fashion and celebrity. Some of her pieces are a bit too risqué to include in this post, but the brilliant… Continue reading Pretty / Dirty

The Past Doesn’t Always Dictate The Future

Photographer Mel Rosenthal lived in the South Bronx, New York at time of downward transformation. This was happening during the 1970s due to loss of manufacturing jobs and municipal services, plummeting property values, rampant arson and the exodus of residents. His striking images are about the people who had to live through those tough times… Continue reading The Past Doesn’t Always Dictate The Future

I Laughed So Much I….

Take a peak inside the mind of Roz Chast at The Museum of the City of New York – Roz Chast: Cartoon Memoirs, she is a major contributor to the New Yorker magazine from 1978 until today. Just as a photograph can say volumes in a single image so does Chast’s drawings and captions…her interpretations of everyday life… Continue reading I Laughed So Much I….

Move Over Ulysses S. Grant, Harlem’s Stopping By

Summer is in full swing in New York–so many events, so little time. Yesterday was the opening day of Harlem Week 2016 at U. S. Grant National Memorial Park on Riverside Drive. Time for fun, food fashion, music, entertainment, community outreach programs and much more; ends August 27. 

Fall Into A Cultural Rainbow

One of the many fortunate things about living in New York City, especially in the summer, is the nonstop variety of things to see and do. This time around brilliant and fabulous colors of crafts, food, products, people and cultures represented at Festival of the Americas.  Vendors showcased numerous choices in food, apparel, jewelry, home… Continue reading Fall Into A Cultural Rainbow